A few copies of a pocketbook titled "We Are Invited to Climb"

We Are Invited to Climb

A book of dynamic chance poetry

Andrew playing melodica on an album cover.

The Complete Bach Cello Suites on Melodica

My first album is now available!

Four people playing melodicas and accordions at a concert.

The Melodica Drone & Bach Quartet

The world's premier melodica quartet!

An unusual looking music score with squiggles and colored blocks.


A graphical music notation library

A screenshot of code


A chance text programming language

A small wooden box on a table at the center of a gazebo lined with long streamers of receipt paper

The Poetron

A generative poetry installation

A diagram visualizing the fourier transform.

The Rocoder

A live-codeable phase vocoder

A wooden box with a microphone pointing out a summertime window

A Short While

A sound stretching installation

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